svs sb-2000 pro subwoofer 550W RMS in Stillwater, Oklahoma

This subwoofer is almost new, with all parts function well. I only bought it for four months and not frequently use it. It comes with original box, power wire, face cover and instruction book. It is heavy and really powerful, even too powerful for my small room. It has a 550W RMS power and peak 1500W power. It can dive into 19Hz frequency, with all this power you can feel windows and doors start shaking when playing bass songs. It also has Bluetooth and APP that you can use cell pohone to control it. Keep in mind: it is big and heavy, weighs over 38.6 lb and is around 14.2×14.6×15.6in cube. It's box is even bigger, around 20×20×22in. For more information about this subwoofer, please check the official website. Due to conditions above, I'm not going to lower down the price since it's like new and heavy, can cost a lot in delivery fee. If you what this subwoofer, do not hesitate.